Pursued: God's Plan for Intimacy in Marriage: A Study of the Song of Solomon

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What Is Finer Grounds?

Finer Grounds is a verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book, meaty, deep digging study of God's Word. Enrich your personal Bible time or study with a group of ladies. Thought-provoking questions help you reach new levels of faith. Studies are thoroughly researched and passages are expertly explained. Lessons are structured in 13-week (one quarter) segments so you can easily share them with your ladies' Bible class.


Pursued: God's Plan for Intimacy in Marriage

At this exact moment, girls and young women all around the world are dreaming of their "Prince Charming." Unfortunately, for many Christian women, this fairy tale is short-lived in real life. It doesn't take long for many women to become disillusioned with the realities of marriage. This reality could be anything from infertility to pornography addiction or even just the task of melding two lives together. It doesn't take long to begin to wonder, "What went wrong?!" Some women simply resign themselves to an OK marriage because they just don't know what else to do. Others begin to feel that they are somehow fundamentally flawed because they struggle with their marriage when it seems to come so easy for everyone else. They have dreamed of this relationship for their entire lives. How can it be so hard? Fortunately, God knows us and our needs better than we do, and in His great wisdom, He has provided for us. The Song of Solomon is a beautiful and, at times, graphically detailed picture of God's design and intent for marriage. Through an in-depth, practical study of Solomon and his marriage to the Shulamite woman, we will gain a deeper understanding of the beauty of God's design for marriage and the sexual relationship. We will learn how to be intentional with our husbands and how to embrace our God-given sexual relationship in a way that will lead to greater intimacy in every aspect of marriage. While no person and no marriage is perfect, we will see that by following God's design, it is possible to achieve our fairy tale relationship. Join us as we study Pursued: God's Plan for Intimacy in Marriage.

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