Praying Through It: Pursuing a Heart of Prayer

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She presented a desperate deal.

He begged for a moment of strength.

She offered words of humble praise. 

He admitted that he had no idea what to do.


Different people, different settings, different circumstances, but a common response to their situation at hand: They talked to God. Whatever they were experiencing--fear, uncertainty, sickness, celebration, confession, anger--these men and women of the Bible turned to prayer. In good times, bad times, and times in between, they chose to involve God. Their examples teach us how to pray, what to pray, when to pray, and why we pray. They help us understand more about how God responds to prayer and how prayer remarkably changes lives. In this study, we discuss the privilege and practice of prayer, and how we learn to love to pray. We also look closely at twelve prayers of the Bible and consider how they can impact and strengthen our own personal prayer lives. Pursuing a heart of prayer is a daily ambition...hourly at times...and some days even minute to minute. The Bible teaches us that no matter what we face, the best way to get through it is to pray.

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